Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black Sea Wines Brings You Items from the Web - 22 March 2011

Black Sea Wines brings you some of the latest news and opinions from the Web.
  • One of my favorite super cheap wines is the Bulgarian Gamza Suhindol. Gamza comes from the Veliko Tarnovo area and is a spicy medium-bodied red that sells for about $4 per bottle. Click here to find out about the wine and the Lovico winery. According to Lovico's website, their wine is available throughout the EU and in the US.
  • Cramele Recas, a Romanian winery, on its news page lists new places in the UK and US where you can buy their wine and recent awards. 
  • If you can read Romanian, a nice wine blog is Cazan Cu Vin.
  • Wine and cheese are always a nice pairing. If you are interested in cheese, check out the blog, Cheese Enthusiast.

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