Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Revisited Review of Matrasa from Azerbaijan

The original Black Sea Wines review of the Matrasa by Ganja Sharab of Azerbaijan was a Drinkable-. We found it a bit harsh with an antiseptic taste. After the initial tasting, I sealed the bottle with a vacuum stopper. Three days later, I wanted one glass of wine with dinner. Debbie was not joining me. I did not want to open a new bottle. Reticently, I poured a glass of the three-day old Matrasa.

All the harshness from the initial tasting was gone. The wine was smooth and rich; leaving a warm aftertaste on my tongue. It was a Drinkable+ on the second go-round.

I tried the wine a third time four days later but by then it was nasty. So, my advice for a recent vintage Matrasa. 1.) Store it for a year. 2.) Decant well in advance of drinking.
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