Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: 2009 Avia Pinot Grigio from Slovenia

2009 Avia Pinot Grigio
Wine: From the Primorska region of Slovenia, we tasted the 2009 Avia Pinot Grigio. We purchased the Pinot Grigio at Bottle King, a large chain store featuring wine, beer and liquor, in the New York area of the United States. Avia sells low-priced everyday wines available around the world.

Tasting: We cracked the screw top bottle with dinner -- a bake of sausage, broccoli and sweet potato.

Results: Avia's Pinot Grigio was surprisingly flavorful. With 13% alcohol and good clarity, the wine was very young and fruity. It could have been a bit drier and had less sensation of carbonation. When I drank the wine, I tasted slightly less than ripe strawberries. Overall, the wine was not very complex but it was pleasant and it seemed that it could be a winner in the future.

Rating: Drinkable+

Price Value: Good for $4.99 a bottle; it was a decent glass of Pinot Grigio. Although for $10 a bottle, you can get a very good glass of Pinot Grigio.
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